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With the continuous development and expansion of the scale of the company, the company's internal management system is also improving step by step. At present, the company has marketing department, planning management department, technology research and development department, quality department, production and manufacturing department, integrated management department and other departments, and has a set of perfect management system and standardized workflow. Communication and linking among departments for process management not only ensures the quality of work, but also improves the efficiency of work. When it comes to the problem, we can deal with it in time and find out the measures to deal with it.

In order to better and more timely solve the problems raised by customers, the marketing department includes sales department and after-sales service support department, which can reflect customer problems more effectively and quickly, and provide timely solutions. At the same time, in view of the technical requirements of customers, our pre-sales support staff will communicate with the technical department and manufacturing department in time to provide more effective solutions for customers.

Marketing Department, Planning Management Department, Technology Research and Development Department, Manufacturing Department and Quality Department link up the whole process of project implementation, design, manufacture and inspection. In this process, project managers play a role of management supervision. On the one hand, they monitor the rationality and reliability of design throughout the whole process, on the other hand, they cooperate with product inspection and rectification to provide solutions. Law. The company is divided into product project group and grade project group in terms of technology and manufacturing links. It is specially equipped with one or two project managers according to the different projects in charge. It is responsible for the product performance and quality of customers.