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Service Commitment

Jinan Ruima Electric Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise management concept of "Hood, Excellence, Pursuit of Excellence", in order to improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises and provide customers with high-quality products and services, implements the quality assurance system of design standards, manufacturing specifications, service in place and customer satisfaction, with reliable quality and cost-effective ratio. High-quality products are dedicated to our customers. Provide reliable quality assurance for the products supplied, and provide standard spare parts at any time. The guarantee period is 12 months after final acceptance.

When the user puts forward the relevant purchase demand of the product, our company can send technical personnel to the user's site at the first time, to understand and exchange the user's use and purchase technical requirements in detail, and quickly put forward the relevant design plan. Provide technical exchange and consulting services at any time.

Our company's after-sales service team is composed of 20 people. In line with the purpose of creating a customer service team with excellent technology, quick action and service in place, the company is wholeheartedly responsible for the majority of customers and provides long-term technical services for the majority of users to meet the technical transformation, product upgrading and other needs in all aspects of production. As for the loss caused by the quality problems of products, we have the strength to assume all relevant responsibilities.

 Information Preservation: The company guarantees to keep all key drawings and related technical data for a long time to ensure the equipment maintenance service in the later period. The drawings and materials provided to users are in line with the relevant national and industry standardization requirements.
Full-time after-sales: The company appoints full-time product representatives to be responsible for technical services and regular return visits and maintenance of equipment after-sales.

 Guarantee period: The equipment is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of final acceptance and acceptance. During the quality guarantee period and under normal operating conditions, free maintenance will be provided for the faults occurring in the equipment. The damaged parts will be replaced in time, and our own debugging and maintenance tools will be provided. Including free improvement of drawings and materials.
 Scope of service: During the warranty period, when the equipment fails, the supplier provides free maintenance and replacement of spare parts for users, providing remote diagnosis services. After the warranty period, the supplier only charges the cost fee for after-sales service.

During the service life of the equipment, the supplier shall guarantee the life-long maintenance service for the equipment of the buyer and the supply of spare parts and vulnerable parts of the equipment.

Service Response: When the equipment fails during the warranty period, the supplier should send a person to the site within 24 hours when he receives the notification of the failure of the equipment from the buyer.

Spare parts supply: The company has a spare parts warehouse for special, special and imported products to provide users with sufficient spare parts required by the operation cycle to ensure emergency use and long-term supply in maintenance.