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Project Team

  • 1All-round Interaction between Project Team, Plan Management Team and Customers

    Plan Management Objectives:Advanced process management and strict risk control fully protect customer interests. During the execution of the project, the project team regularly provides weekly progress reports to customers, maintaining close communication and interaction. Reima project management team plays an important role as process controller in project management, and participates in the support, supervision and management of the whole project process. On the one hand, the project team should be supported to coordinate the company's resources, ensure the smooth execution of tasks, on the other hand, the project team should be supervised, receive feedback from users, identify risk points in time, and put forward risk early warning.
  • 2 Accurate project handover

    Before the implementation of the project: the project manager formulates the implementation plan, summarizes the details of the pre-sale stage, such as the understanding of the site and the real needs of customers, as well as the project implementation plan, and submits it to the project design team.。
    Before assembling the equipment:The project manager prepares the project process documents, inspection documents and project profile information Kanban and other related documents, including the following contents: project team, product function, work flow, equipment style, equipment assembly sequence, assembly effect, technical indicators, detection methods, determination results, etc. Give it to the assembly team.。
    Before installation and commissioning:the project manager establishes on-site working team, assigns on-site supervisors, issues on-site construction instructions, and organizes installation training submission
  • 3Source quality control

    标准化作业流程的制定:Complete the standardized operation instructions of various departments and guide the unification and rationality of the work flow.
    Pre-sale communication stage:Project managers actively understand the site use environment and technical needs, and export the most effective and executable design concepts and technical services and support。
    Project design phase:designers are required to consider the details, ensure the design quality, insist on checking according to product design self-inspection and auditing criteria, and reduce design errors;
  • 4Project process control and management:

    Project procurement phase:actively pay attention to the timely ordering and arrival of key items in the procurement process; if there are abnormal situations, timely response measures should be taken;
    Assembling stage:According to the work plan, the feedback time is stipulated, the project manager regularly visits the site to check the progress of the project, organizes the project seminar on 1-3 days according to the degree of difficulty of the project, summarizes and deals with the problems, and formulates the next stage plan. Strictly in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 management system, process management, to ensure product quality.
    Test phase:In addition to timely grasping the debugging results and handling problems in the process, before debugging and inspection, the project manager organizes simulation pre-acceptance to confirm whether there are any legacy problems.。

All-round training, strict assessment, standardization and standardization of construction team化