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Company Profile

    Located in the famous Quancheng-Qilu Science and Technology Industrial Park in the north of Jinan, with a production and manufacturing base of 16,000 m, the company is a professional and intelligent automobile manufacturing equipment manufacturer integrating technical consultation, scheme design, product development, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service.

     The company's predecessor is affiliated to the Institute of Automation of the Academy of Sciences, engaged in fluid filling system research.
     integrates senior experts in the industry, carefully studies advanced technology and experience of domestic and foreign equipment in the same industry, and independently develops a series of products suitable for the Chinese market in the light of China's specific use environment. It not only draws lessons from advanced design concepts of foreign equipment, but also solves the problem of domestic equipment storage. Since its establishment, the company has developed steadily and healthily, formulated a set of strict design, manufacturing, inspection, installation and commissioning standards and established a perfect after-sales service system.
    Jinan Ruima Electric Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the working attitude of "excellence and perseverance", breaking the routine, remolding itself and constantly seeking truth and innovation in its work. While introducing advanced hardware equipment, it also introduces excellent management talents, improves the company's management system, and scientific and standardized management companies. We are committed to building a professional equipment manufacturing team with advanced technology, rapid action and in-place service in the domestic fluid filling industry. We are dedicated to serving our customers wholeheartedly and building the first brand of domestic fluid filling equipment.
    The company has a modern manufacturing base of 16,000 square meters and a dust-free purification precision assembly workshop. With mature production technology concept and advanced processing and manufacturing technology, it has been established to manufacture and produce a large number of special machinery and equipment. There are 126 employees. There are 46 engineers and technicians. The main technicians have many years of design experience in the industry, and have received professional and technical training. They have a high level of R&D and design. In addition to being responsible for the design of different projects, 20 of them have excellent experience and technical level to form a project management team to guide and supervise the project. The manufacturing process of each project. The technicians are responsible for the final product inspection, and carry out detailed inspection one by one according to the technical requirements of the users, in order to ensure the equipment's out-of-factory and service performance. There are 60 production and assembly personnel, 51 of whom have been engaged in production and assembly for many years, and have rich experience in production and assembly. Using advanced processing equipment and efficient assembly technology, respectively responsible for the production of spare parts, equipment mechanical assembly and electrical assembly work. The main processes of production and manufacturing include: technical design (program development), design discussion, auditing, mapping, equipment assembly, test run inspection of the whole machine, comprehensive inspection of the factory, etc.。

    All the equipment produced by our company, such as vacuum and quantitative filling equipment, glue coating equipment, testing equipment, centralized liquid supply system, oil filter and oil injection system, experimental equipment and special machine equipment, are independently developed, designed, manufactured and assembled by our company's technicians and producers, including the design and manufacture of non-standard tooling and special software. Development and application. Therefore, it can continuously meet the technical needs of users, and can give professional treatment and reply to the special needs of users. It ensures the technical support service before the purchase and after-sales service after the purchase.